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What is ICSIA?

The International Crime Scene Investigators Association (ICSIA) was created to assist law enforcement personnel who are involved in the processing of crime scenes. The discipline of crime scene processing is such a unique field in forensic science and law enforcement that this discipline needed it's own organization. Crime scene processing is a multidisciplinary function. We, as crime scene processors, must have a working knowledge of all the disciplines in forensic science and apply that knowledge to the documentation of the crime scene, identifying the fingerprint evidence, and the physical and testimonial evidence left at the crime scene. Crime scene investigators have rarely had the opportunity to directly discuss techniques, tips or share other pertinent information with other crime scene personnel throughout the world. The ICSIA hopes to make that possible! This association is strictly INTERNET-based. All communications will be addressed by e-mail, message board, discussion mail list and information posted on the ICSIA Web site. The philosophy of the Association is to keep the communications open and simple. The Web site will be structured around this philosophy. It won't necessarily be pretty but it will be useful and fast.

PMB 385
15774 S. LaGrange Road
Orland Park, IL 60462

TEL: 1-708-460-8082

Click here to download your copy (pdf) of the Reminder List, adopted from the original Check List card developed years ago by Hayden B. Baldwin. The first page is the card, followed by explanations.

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